No. 6701. Israel Aircraft Industries 1125 Astra (4X-CUA c/n 004)
Photographs from IAI

Israel Aircraft Industries 1125 Astra

08/31/2007. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk : "An almost complete redesign of the IAI 1124 Westwind, the Astra was announced in 1979. Two flying prototypes and an airframe for static and fatigue testing were built, the second prototype (4X-WIN c/n 4002) was the first to fly on March 19, 1984, followed by the first prototype (4X-WIA c/n 4001) in August 1984.

Pictured is the first production aircraft, flown on March 20, 1985 and the type certificate was received on August 29. This aircraft was registered in the USA as N96PC and N425TS. Since September 15, 1998, the aircraft is registered in Peru as OB-1703 and is operated by ATSA (Aero Transporte SA)."

Created August 31, 2007