No. 8018. Short S.23 (G-ADHL c/n S.795) Imperial Airways "Canopus"
Photograph from Koninklijke Shell, taken at Lake Bracciano, Italy, October 1936

Short S.23

08/15/2008. Remarks by Bernhard Klein: "G-ADHL, the first of the 'C' Class flying boats for Imperial Airways, was launched on the Medway at Rochester, Medway, UK, on July 2, 1936, and Shorts' Chief Test Pilot, John Parker made the first flight on July 4, 1936. Imperial Airways' Air Superintendent, Squadron Leader H.G. Brackley made the first flight on behalf of the airline on September 17, while the aircraft received its CofA on October 20.

On October 22, flown by Brackley, the Canopus was ferried from London to Alexandria via France (Candebec, Hourtin, Marseille), Italy (Lake Bracciano, Brindisi), and Greece (Athens, Mirabelle). The first C Class scheduled flight on Imperial Airways’ trans-Mediterranean route from Alexandria to Brindisi was made on October 31, the first southbound service took place on November 2, 1936.

The Canopus flew some 2,800,000 mls (4,506,163 km) during its career that ended when it was broken up in November 1946."

View photos of Canopus' wireless room and kitchen, and also read the type remarks on page 8225.

Created August 15, 2008