No. 9934. North American NA-122 Mustang TF.Mk.IV (N8677E c/n 122-41405)
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North American NA-122 Mustang TF.Mk.IV

06/30/2010. Produced at Inglewood, California, USA, as a P-51D-30-NA, this aircraft was serialed 44-74865 and served with the USAAF/USAF till it was transferred to the RCAF on January 10, 1951. Redesignated Mustang TF.Mk.IV and serialed 9258, it served with 402 "City of Winnipeg" Squadron, coded AC-258. It was struck off charge on May 14, 1959.

In 1959 it was registered in the USA as N8672E, crashed on takeoff at Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1961, and subsequently repaired. After a number of non-flying years the aircraft was restored to air worthiness in 1998, and was named 'Mormon Mustang'. On January 8, 2001, it was registered to its present owners, the Mallette Family LLC, of Provo, Utah, as N8677E, and renamed 'My Sweet Mary Lou'.

Created June 30, 2010