No. 9935. North American NA-122 Mustang TF.Mk.IV (N6341T c/n 122-41314)
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North American NA-122 Mustang TF.Mk.IV

06/30/2010. Under the s/n 44-74774, this aircraft was produced at Inglewood, California, USA, as a P-51D-30-NA, and served with the USAAF/USAF till it was transferred to the RCAF on January 11, 1951. Redesignated Mustang TF.Mk.IV and serialed 9270, it served with Air Defence Command and Training Command. It was struck off charge on September 20, 1960, and sold to the USA where it was registered as N6341T.

Its seventh post-RCAF owner became Bob Byrne of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan in 1981, and the aircraft was named "Rascal" and coded 474774/RF-B. On September 26, 1994, it was registered to Jack Roush, who subsequently applied to the aircraft the markings 414450 and B6-S, and the name "Old Crow", identical to those on P-51D-10-NA (s/n 44-14450), flown by Colonel Clarence 'Bud' E. Anderson, an WW II Ace of the 363rd Fighter Squadron, 357th Fighter Group, with 16 kills in 116 missions.

On May 5, 2006, the aircraft was sold to Jim Hagedorn and registered as N451MG to the Old Crow LLC of Wilmington, Delaware.

Created June 30, 2010