No. 8313. SIPA S.200 Minijet (F-WCZK c/n 01)
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SIPA S.200 Minijet

06/05/2016. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Designed by Yves Gardan the Minijet was a contender in the trainer contest organized by the SALS. Built by SIPA (Société Industrielle pour l’Aéronautique) the Minijet was an all-metal side-by-side two-seat aircraft for primary training, liaison and tourism. Displayed at the 1951 Paris Salon de l'Aeronautique, the prototype was first flown by Roger Launay on January 14, 1952. In the air the fully aerobatic Minijet bore a striking resemblance to the de Havilland Venom.

The fuselage nacelle of the Minijet was short and bulky and the domed cabin top, with a large area of window, opened upwards. The top nacelle line sloped sharply down to the tail pipe. Intakes, triangular in shape, were fitted in bulges in the wing roots. Wings had blunt tips and tapered on the leading edge. The twin booms were slim, sprout from the top of the wing and carried curved fins joined by an untapered tailplane. The tricycle undercarriage retracted into the fuselage nacelle, the mainwheels sideways and the nosewheel backwards. Powerplant was a Turbomèca Palas turbojet of 331 lb (150 kg) s.t. It had a fuel capacity of 55.5 gal (210 l), additional 14.5 gal (55 l) tip tanks were optional.

The Minijet was particularly suitable for mass-production, but despite national and international interest raised by the prototype, only an additional six aircraft were produced. These were slightly larger and had a 353 lb (160 kg) s.t Palas engine. Flown by Alan Hisler, the third production aircraft, F-BGVN, was placed second in the first held British Lockheed International Aerobatic Competition, at Baginton Aerodrome, Coventry, UK, August 20, 1955.

Two of the aircraft are preserved. C/n 05 is in the USA, last registered as N917WJ and presently owned by Randy Workman of Tipp City, Ohio. C/n 07 is in France, registered F-PDHE, it is owned by Philippe Bezard and is based at Aérodrome de Persan-Beaumont, near Paris.

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