No. 8314. SIPA S.251 Antilope (F-WJSS c/n 01)
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SIPA S.251 Antilope

11/30/2008. The Antilope was a four/five-seat light aircraft and powered by a 560 shp Turboméca Aztazou IIC turboprop engine it was flown for the first time on November 7, 1962. Between October 4 and Decmber 23, 1964 Pierre Bonneau piloted the Antilope to one altitude record and five speed records.

Early 1965 the aircraft was re-engined with a 665 shp Aztazou X, and Pierre Bonneau set another speed record on April 4, 1965, four of the speed records are still standing of this day. However, the planned production version S.2510 was not taken into production.

Created November 30, 2008