No. 6408. Weser We 271 V1 (D-ORBE)
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Weser We 271 V1

04/30/2007. Remarks by Nico Braas: "Weser Flugzeugbau GmbH was founded in 1934, mainly for license construction of aircraft. Technical leader of the company until his death on July 6, 1939 was Dr. Adolf Rohrbach, who was quite known for a number of flying boat designs. At Weser, Rohrbach's team designed a small all-metal four-seat amphibian as the We 271.

It was built using a single metal box-type main spar for the wing, the same type as used on Rohrbach's previous designs. The We 271 V1 was flown for the first time on June 26, 1939 by Weser works pilot Gerhard Hubrich from an airfield strip carrying the civil registration D-ORBE. The first water start was made on June 28 of the same year.

Because much spraying water was produced the bow was redesigned to cure this. The flight-testing was terminated on May 1, 1942 after 60-70 flights, further developments progressed not any further than the drawing board. The sole aircraft was handed over to the E-stelle Travemünde for general use, its final fate remains unknown."

Created April 30, 2007