No. 4571A. Wright-Bellanca WB-2 (NX237) "Columbia"
Photographed at Schipol Airport, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, October 31, 1930, source unknown

Wright-Bellanca WB-2

09/30/2005. Remarks by Nico Braas: "This photo was taken on the occasion of the second WB-2 crossing of the Atlantic by Boyd and Connor. During the flight they had to make an emergency landing at Tresco on the UK coast with a clogged oil line. After repair, they continued their flight to Croydon airport near London and from there they attempted to make a direct crossing to Berlin. But, driven by a southwestern storm in the British Channel area, they were blown off-course and they had to land at Schiphol to refuel.

Maybe the pilots did not want to make this public (after all they wanted to repeat the earlier non-stop flight of Chamberlain!) and that may explain that 'aviation history' is unaware of this landing at Schiphol. However, the landing at Schiphol was not totally unnoticed. Although it was no headlines news, one of the big Dutch newspapers, DE TELEGRAAF, reported this in a few lines the day after their landing.

This photo was in a group of 'grandad's stuff' being sold in a flea market by 'the grandkids'. Their father told me that 'granddad' had indeed been working as a Schiphol platform-employee when he took the photo."

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Created September 30, 2005