No. 13200. Allied A-2 (N312TJ c/n 2)
Photographed at Bartlesville, Oklahoma, USA, by Russ Walker

Allied A-2

08/31/2017. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk : "The Allied Aircraft Company was one of the over fifty aircraft companies that have been at Wichita, Kansas, USA, some produced one and others built thousands. Allied was formed in 1946 by a six-man team headed by Harry Ragland, the others were Phillips, Walt Davies, Al Landas, Ron Albertson and Ken Haddock.

Designed by Phillips the A-2 featured an all-metal construction with a V-shaped tail, a manually retractable landing gear with a castering nose wheel, and a forward sliding windshield. Powerplant was an 185 hp Continental O-470. Some 35,000 engineering man-hours went into the project before the A-2, registered NX3153K (c/n 21), was flown for the first time by Ragland on April 9, 1948 from Municipal Airport to Wilson Field north-east of downtown Wichita, where about 180 hours of test flights were made. However, a fire destroyed company's workshop, including the production rigs and two A-2s under construction. The following financial difficulties forced the company to close down.

The aircraft was sold to a person in Oklahoma, subsequently owner was Walter Baker in Alva. After a number of years in disassembled state, in 1972 the aircraft remains were sold to Thomas 'Tom' Jackson Balentine of Copan, also in Oklahoma. The aircraft was missing the engine, wings, tail and windows, so it took Balentine a considerable number of years to rebuild the aircraft, the new engine was a 210 hp Continental IO-360 SER. Reregistered N312TJ and designated Thomas/Edra Balentine TJ-2 (c/n 2) on October 11, 1984 (Edra was Tom Balentine's wife), the aircraft made its second maiden flight about a year later, receiving a new CofA on January 11, 1986. In October 2012 the aircraft was flown to Wichita, and on April 5, 2013 the aircraft was registered to the Kansas Aviation Museum, under the initial registration N3153K.

Subsequently two new aircraft were built by Balentine, under the designation Allied TJ they were registered N504WM (c/n 022) to Balentine's friend William S. Martin and N312TJ (c/n 023) to to himself. Balentine flew the N312TJ on his 86th birthday, September 30, 2014."

Created August 31, 2017