No. 9996. Brochet MB 83D (F-PGLF cn 6)
Photograph from Military Aircraft Photographs (MAP)

Brochet MB 83D

08/31/2010. Maurice Brochet of Neauphle-le-Château, near Paris, France, was an active member of the homebuilt aircraft movement. He built his first glider, the MB 10, in 1931, followed by several others, including Avia 20A and Avia 32E. In 1933-1934 he converted a wrecked Avia 15A glider into the MB 20 powered glider, while in 1934 the first powered monoplane appeared, the MB 30.

After WW II Brochet formed Constructions Aéronautiques Maurice Brochet and embarked on the sale of plans of his designs for amateur construction. Following is a listing of Brochet designs and products:

MB 10. Single-seat open cockpit parasol-wing glider, named Ginette. First flown by Georges Abrial, at Plaisir-Grignon, near Paris, in April 1931. 1 built.

MB 20. Single-seat open cockpit pylon-mounted high-winged Avia 15A, fitted with a 25 hp Poinsard pusher engine. Before the MB 20 was flown it was bought by Avia and designated Avia MP 50 the first flight was made by Eric Nessler at Toussus-Paris on May 17, 1934. 1 built.

MB 30. Single-seat open cockpit pylon-mounted high wing monoplane powered by a 25 hp Poinsard engine. Nicknamed Petit Brochet (Little Brochet) the prototype first flew in the summer of 1934. Wing swiveled 90° over length of fuselage, so aircraft could be towed behind car. 1 built.

MB 31. MB 30 prototype refurbished by amateur builder M.Jarry of Brie-Comte-Robert, near Paris, and re-engined with a 40 hp Salmson 9AD and registered F-WEAJ (later F-PEAJ) c/n 01, it was first flown in 1947. 1 conversion.

MB 40. High-wing light aircraft powered by a 65 hp Continental A65 engine. Prototype F-WFOH (later F-PFOH) c/n 01, first flown August 6, 1949. 1 built.

MB 50 Pipistrelle. Amateur-built version of MB 30 with various 45 hp engines, e.g. Salmson 9 Adb, Beaussier 4Bm, Zlín Persy II. Prototype first flown 1947, 8 built.

MB 60 Barbastelle. Tandem two-seat high wing cabin monoplane, developed from MB 50 with 45 hp Salmson 9 Adb. Prototype F-WFKT (later F-BFKT) c/n 01, first flown June 24, 1949. 1 built.

MB 70. Developed MB 60 with 45 hp Salmson engine. Prototype F-WCZF (later F-BCZF) c/n 01, first flown January 28, 1950. Subsequently converted to MB 72. 1 built.

MB 71. MB 70 with 75 hp Mime 4DC-32 engine. Prototype F-WCZG (later
F-BCZG) c/n 01. Subsequently converted to MB 72. 1 built.

MB 72. MB 70 with 65 hp Continental A65 engine. 5 built.

MB 73. MB 70 with 85 hp Continental A65-85 engine. 1 built.

MB 76. MB 70 with 90 hp Continental C90-14F engine. 1 built.

MB 80. MB 70 with wider fuselage, spring steel undercarriage and revised rudder, and a 75 hp Minie 4DC.32B engine. Prototype F-BGLA. 10 built.

MB 81. MB 80 with Hirth 500-B2 engine. 1 built.

MB 83. MB 80 converted with 90 hp Continental C90-14F engine.

MB 84. MB 70 converted with 65 hp Continental A65 engine.

MB 100. Three-seat MB 80 with modified tail and cabin and 100 hp Hirth HM504A-2 engine. Prototype F-WBGH (later F-BBGH) c/n 01, first flown January 3, 1951. 7 built.

MB 101. MB 100 with tropical flying modifications. 14 built.

MB 110. Final design from the Brochet factory which was a substantially heavier variant of the MB 100 theme with a large angular fin and rudder, modified wings and undercarriage, and increased power. Prototype F-WDKE c/n 01, first flown March 12, 1956. 2 built.

MB 120. MB 80 with lighter wings, modified flaps and Continental C90 engine. Prototype F-WGVI (later F-BGVI) c/n 01, first flown April 5, 1954. 2 built.

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