No. 3394. Piper PA-23 (N1953A c/n 23-1)
Photographed by Hans Groenhoff

Piper PA-23

04/06/2004. Remarks by Dan Shumaker: "Experimental twin tail version, Roger Peperell's book 'Piper Aircraft' list this aircraft as a PA-23, some references identify the aircraft as a PA-21. The PA-21 was the Baumann B-250 Brigadier that Piper purchased with intent to build a tractor version, but later abandoned due to predicted high production costs. The B-250 was eventually developed into the B290, which thence became the basis for the prototype Custer Channel Wing CCW-5."

Paraphrased from 'Piper Aircraft' by Roger Pepperell: "PA-23 development started in January 1951 from a proposal found in the files at the Stinson factory and was originally known as the 'Twin Stinson'. N1953A first flew on the March 2, 1952. It was powered by 125 hp Lycoming O-290-D's. It had a retractable tricycle undercarriage and was of steel tube construction with fabric covered fuselage and outer wing panels. It had problems with single-engine handling and engine cooling. Retrofitting with full-feathering propellers and 135 hp Lycoming engines was necessary because it was underpowered, and later 150 hp Lycomings were installed. The original twin-finned design was changed to a single fin from the PA-6. The addition of wing fillets improved airflow. A prototype (N23P) and pre-production aircraft (N1000P) followed for trials and certification was issued in January 1954."

Created April 6, 2004