No. 5744. Grumman G-234 HU-16E Albatross (2134 c/n G.361) US Coast Guard
Photographed by Mark Robinson

Grumman G-234 HU-16E Albatross

10/15/2006. Remarks by Jack McKillop: "This aircraft was one of 15 ordered by the USAF as an SA-16A-GR, USAF s/n 52-134, for delivery to the USCG which designated them UF-1G. The USCG assigned them s/ns that were the same as the USAF tail code. These aircraft were later modified to the SA-16B standard and redesignated UF-2G. These modifications consisted of a longer wing and other aerodynamic improvements. There were three batches of UF-2Gs each with a different Model Number, i.e., G-234, G-270 and G-288. On September 18, 1962, a new aircraft designation system was introduced and the UF-2Gs were redesignated HU-16Es."

Created September 30, 2006