No. 8560. Stinson SR-5 RQ-1 Reliant (381 c/n 74) U.S. Coast Guard
Photograph from USCG

Stinson SR-5 RQ-1 Reliant

01/31/2009. Remarks by Jack McKillop: "This Reliant was delivered in 1935 with serial number 381, based at USCG Air Station Floyd Bennet Field, Brooklyn, New York, New York, and was used for testing electronic equipment.

The Coast Guard introduced a new serial number system on October 13, 1936 and this aircraft's serial number was changed to V149. Subsequently, this aircraft was redesignated R3Q-1. In 1939, this aircraft was based with the Air Patrol Detachment at USCG Air Station Cape May, New Jersey. It was decommissioned in 1941."

Created January 31, 2009