No. 3806. Fokker C.IV XCO-4 (68557) US Army Air Service
Photographed at Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA, circa 1924, source unknown

Fokker C.IV XCO-4

08/14/2005. Remarks by Philo Lund: "Early 1922 Brigadier General William "Billy" Mitchell, Assistant Chief of the U.S. Army Air Service, made a trip to Europe and visited Holland and the Fokker works. The prototype of the Fokker C.IV two-seat fighter-reconnaissance aircraft was shown to the general and he immediately bought the prototype and two developed series aircraft, powered by a 420 hp Liberty 12A, they became the Corps Observation type XCO-4 (s/n 68557) and CO-4 (s/n 68565 to 68566).

Before delivery of the three aircraft in 1922, the Netherlands Aircraft Manufacturing Company (Fokker's sales organization in the US lead by R.B.C. Noorduyn) received an order for an additional five aircraft for delivery in 1923. Known by the company as Model 3, these were designated CO-4A by the USAAS and received the s/n 23-1205 to 23-1209. Differences were the lengthened fuselage, redesigned nose, a 435 hp Liberty 12A engine and side radiators and the lacking of the gas tank between the wheels.

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