No. 11227. Sikorsky S-38B (NC9138 c/n 114-11) Colonial Western Airways
Photograph from Sikorsky

Sikorsky S-38B

03/31/2012. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Built in 1929, the aircraft was registered NC9138 to Colonial Western Airways of New York in mid-1929, and in 1930 it was registered to Colonial Air Transport. Early 1933 it was sold to American Airways of New Jersey, and in 1934 it was registered to Air Engineers Inc.

Subsequently it was sold to the Bol-Inca Mining Corporation, initially carrying the US registration, in June 1934 the company had it registered in Bolivia as CB-BIM-1, and it was named Marihui. In January 1935 it was sold to Lloyd Aereo Boliviano, on September 27, 1935 the registration was cancelled after a mishap at Colquiri, Oruro, Bolivia."

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Created March 31, 2012