No. 3603. Short S.29 Stirling Mk.I (N3667 c/n S.934) Royal Air Force
Possibly photographed at Air Fighting Development Unit, Duxford, England, UK, 1941-42

Short S.29 Stirling Mk.I

11/30/2004. Remarks by Chris Pinn: "This photo of Short Stirling, coded "LS-T", was taken in September 1941 during its brief stay at AFDU Duxford while assisting in establishing defensive tactics. At the time of the photo N3667 had already flown six operations with 15 Squadron. It was soon returned to squadron service and was written off on October 12, 1941 after returning from its seventh mission to Nürnberg when it overshot and hit obstructions."

Created July 22, 2004