No. 11820. Waco ARE Aristocrat (NC20951 c/n 5076)
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Waco ARE Aristocrat

03/31/2013. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The Waco Model E five-seat cabin biplane was produced under the US Department of Commerce Approved Type Certificate (ATC) 714, and four versions were offered, all powered by an air-cooled radial engine:

ARE. Fitted with a 300 hp seven-cylinder Jacobs L-6, it got its ATC on February 1, 1940 and four of this version were built, one being impressed by the USAAF in 1942 as an UC-72A.
HRE. Fitted with a 285 hp nine-cylinder Lycoming R-680, it got its ATC on November 1, 1940, of this version were built and two of them wer impressed by the USAAF in 1942 as UC-72C's.
SRE. This version got its ATC on April 6, 1940 and was fitted with a 400 hp nine-cylinder Pratt & Whitney R-985. Of the 21 produced, thirteen were impressed in 1942 by the USAAF as UC-72's.
WRE. Advertized as fitted with the 420 hp nine-cylinder Wright R-975, this version was never built.

WINGS. Unequal-span staggered single-bay biplane. Upper wings hinged to upper fuselage longerons, lower to lower longerons. One set of N-struts on each side of fuselage. Wing structure consists of two spruce spars, spruce and mahogany ribs and spruce longitudinal stringers, the entire wings covered first with mahogany plywood and finally with fabric. Frise-type ailerons and electrically-operated split flaps on upper wings.
FUSELAGE. Welded steel-tube framework with fabric covering over light wood fairing structure.
TAIL UNIT. Cantilever monoplane type. Wood tail-plane with plywood and fabric covering. Wood fin with fabric covering. Rudder and elevators have welded steel-tube frames with fabric covering. Fixed adjustable tab on rudder. Adjustable trimming-tab on left elevator.
UNDERCARRIAGE. Divided type. Consists of two Waco oleo-spring shock-absorber legs braced by backwardly-inclined and transverse streamline tubes. Entire undercarriage streamlined, included wheel fairings. Hydraulically-operated wheel-brakes. Fully-castoring tail-wheel.
POWERPLANT. One air-cooled radial engine on welded steel-tube mounting. NACA cowling. Hamilton-Standard controllable-pitch airscrew. Fuel capacity 125 gal (473 l).
ACCOMMODATION. Enclosed cabin seating two in front with adjustable seats, throw-over control wheel and dual rudder pedals, and three on cross-seat with arm-rests at the back of the cabin. Baggage compartment aft of cabin with access for both inside cabin and outside. Cabin heater and ventilators.

Created March 31, 2013