No. 12392. Boeing AH-64DN Apache (Q-17 c/n DN017) Royal Netherlands Air Force
Photographed at Volkel AFB, the Netherlands, June 15, 2013, by Jos Fiering

Boeing AH-64DN Apache

04/30/2014. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Pictured at the "Open Dagen", the annual air show days of the RNethAF, the aircraft wears its official display livery, to which are added the 100 years military aviation anniversary markings, as on July 1, 1913, the Luchtvaartafdeling (aviation department) of the army was formed.

Two other photos from the RNethAF shows the aircraft hovering above the runway at Volkel AFB, the other shows the aircraft near three of the nineteen authentic windmills, one of the Dutch icons which are part of UNESCO World Heritage Kinderdijk."

Created April 30, 2014