No. 3519. Ryan S-T-A (VH-UZQ c/n 132)
Photographed in Australia, 1938, source unknown

Ryan S-T-A

06/30/2012. Remarks by Ed Coates: "Previously NC16043, the above photograph was taken in 1938 just after the aircraft was sold on October 26, 1938 to its second owner, F. Watkins, Jr.

Despite pressure from the CAB to have the US registration removed, the first owner, Ken M. Frewin, retained the NC markings after its arrival in Australia (it became VH-UZQ on June 18, 1937).

In 1951 the Ryan was re-registered VH-BWQ, following a crash in 1970 it lay dormant for years. It has, however, evidently been restored to life and is now flying again as VH-UVQ."

Read the type remarks on page 11412.

Created June 4, 2004