No. 9511. Klemm L 25 d VIIR (PH-LFK c/n 1036)
Photographed at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, source unknown

Klemm L 25 d VIIR

12/31/2009. This aircraft was registered to F.J. Koch, Amsterdam, the Netherlands on April 14, 1936. After the occupation of the Netherlands private flying was forbidden. However, after Fokker test pilot T.H. Leegstra, together with Fokker board member Ir. Piet Vos, escaped to England in a Fokker G.1 on May 5, 1941, most private aircraft were seized. PH-LFK was handed over to Oberfeldwebel (Master Sergeant) Kühn of the Wehrmacht (German Army) only nine days later. On October 28, 1941 the aircraft was transferred to Rangsdorf in Germany, its fate is unknown.

Created December 31, 2009