No. 6815. Nurtanio NU-200 Sikumbang (Bee) (X-01) Indonesian Air Force
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Nurtanio NU-200 Sikumbang (Bee)

10/31/2009. Remarks by Bob Cieslak: In 1993-94, I had the opportunity to work in Indonesia on the engineering development of their N-250 turboprop commuter aircraft. I worked in Bandung at IPTN - Industrie Pesawat Terbang Nusantara (Indonesian Aircraft Industry). Right there at the entrance to the facility was the NU-200 in its' own display area.

In the flight photos I have seen of this aircraft, I never saw any wheel fairings on the main landing gear. Maybe they were added later in the flight test program to gain a few extra knots. I understand this aircraft had a top speed of 159 mph (256 kmh), and a range of 597 mls (960 km). The Indonesians were very proud of this aircraft, and still are to this day. A friend of mine who just got back from Indonesia told me that the airplane is still sitting in the same spot where it was in 1993.

09/30/2007. Design of this single-seat light ground-support aircraft was started in 1953 by Major Nurtanio Pringgoadisuryo. It was built by the Angkatan Udara Republik Indonesia, Staf Teknik Udara, Seksi Pertjobaan (Indonesian Air Force, Technical Staff, Aircraft Maintenance Depot, Experimental Section), at Bandung, Java.

Powered by a 200 hp de Havilland Gipsy Six Srs.1 six-cylinder inverted in-line air-cooled engine, the aircraft was flown for the first time on August 1, 1954.

The aircraft is often designated as a Lipnur product, but that organization (Lembaga Industri Penerbangan Nurtanio, Department of the Indonesian Air Force, Nurtanio Aircraft Industry) became the successor to the above mentioned organization only in 1966.

Created September 30, 2007