No. 13205. Breda Ba 42 (I-RANA c/n 4102)
Source unknown

Breda Ba 42

08/31/2017. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Developed from the Breda 39 for the 1934 Challenge de Tourisme International, the Breda 42 was distinguished by its NACA-cowled radial engine, a 180 hp Fiat A.70S. The foldable wings were fitted with Breda-Mazzini wing-valve slots. Only two aircraft are known to be built, I-GOGA (c/n 4101) and I-OMBO (c/n 4102), both were delivered to the Ministero Aeronautica in August 1934. I-OMBO was transferred to the Italian Air Force (serial MM262) in March 1938, after WW II it was re-registered I-RANA."

Created August 31, 2017