No. 12885. Focke-Wulf A-38 Möwe (D-2073 c/n 108) "Bückeburg"
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Focke-Wulf A-38 Möwe

12/15/2015. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The final version of the Möwe (Gull) series of airliners was the Focke-Wulf A 38 built during 1931. The A 38 employed the same wing as the A 17 and A 29, but introduced a more streamlined fuselage with accommodation for pilot and co-pilot, a radio operator and ten passengers. The fuselage, like that of the previous Möwe types, was built of steel tube, but employed all fabric covering. A modified and considerably strengthened main undercarriage was provided, and the skid was replaced by a semi-recessed tailwheel.

Four A 38s were built during 1931, all being powered initially by the 400 hp Siemens-built Bristol Jupiter nine-cylinder air-cooled radial engine. This engine was uncowled featuring a large collector ring for the exhaust gases, and drove a two-bladed wooden airscrew. At a later date the aircraft were fitted with the Siemens Sh 20u air-cooled radial which developed 500 hp for takeoff. The modified version was known as the A 38b.

All four aircraft, D-2082 (c/n 109) Hessen, D-2107 (c/n 110) Lipper and D-2114 (c/n 111) Thüringen and the above pictured Bückeburg were delivered to Luft Hansa and used by the airline until 1933. A large number of services were flown by the A 38 including those between Berlin and Paris (via Leipzig), Berlin and Paris (via Cologne), Berlin and Berne, Berlin and Munich, Berlin and Vienna, Berlin and Oslo and Munich and Saarbrücken. By 1934, the aircraft had been replaced by the famous Ju 52/3m airliner.

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