No. 12737. Heinkel H.D.41a
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Heinkel H.D.41a

02/28/2015. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "At the time designated as an "engine test bed", three versions were built: H.D.41a with a Siemens Jupiter, H.D.41b with a BMW VI O and H.D.41c with a BMW VIU 7.3 Z. The three aircraft were subjected to an extensive testing in Rechlin. Subsequently H.D.41c was selected, and this aircraft (c/n 363, registered D-1011) was rebuilt according to the demands of the army and became the first pre-production sample of the reconnaissance aircraft He 45 A. Later a second H.D.41c was built (c/n 364, D-2064) which then became the prototype of the He 45 under the designation He 45 A with the new registration D-ILEU."

Created February 28, 2015