No. 12611. Heinkel He 71 B (D-2390 c/n 370)
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Heinkel He 71 B

11/15/2014. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "This aircraft was specially designed for the German aviatrix Elly Beinhorn's solo flight round Africa. Designed and constructed in just three months, it initially had an open cockpit and was designated He 71 A, later it was modified with an enclosed cockpit, redesignated He 71 B. The round Africa flight started in Berlin, then via Constantinople, Aleppo, Cairo, Khartoum, Juba, Nairobi and Johannesburg to Cape Town, and back via Libreville, Saint Louis, Casablanca, and Tunis to Berlin, covering ca. 17,400 mls (28,000 km).

TYPE. Single-seat light cabin aeroplane for sport and touring.
WINGS. Low-wing cantilever monoplane. Wings taper in chord and thickness to rounded ends, each attached by three bolts to short wing-roots. Single spruce box-spar. Torsion-resisting plywood-covered nose. Remainder covered with fabric. Low aspect-ratio ailerons covered with plywood. Wings quickly folded.
FUSELAGE. Wooden box structure with plywood covering.
TAIL UNIT. Cantilever monoplane type. Adjustable tail-plane and fin covered with plywood. Unbalanced control surfaces. Wood structure.
UNDERCARRIAGE. Divided type. Oleo-cum-compression-rubber springing. Low-pressure tires. Internally-expanding wheel-brakes. Sprung tail-skid with hard-steel rubbing-shoe.
POWERPLANT. One 70/80 hp Hirth HM.60 four-cylinder air-cooled inverted in-line engine. Fuel tank of 26.5 gal (100 l) capacity behind fireproof bulkhead feeds by gravity or through double engine-driven pump. Additional 26.5 gal (100 l) fuel tank can go in locker behind pilot. Coil or magneto ignition, as desired.
ACCOMODATION. Pilot's cockpit enclosed by celluloid windscreen and sliding hood of celluloid which can be pushed back when flying. Provision for back-type parachute. Second locker for lighter articles behind. Third locker for tools and spare parts behind fireproof bulkhead.

Created November 15, 2014