No. 12354. Arado Ar 197 V2 (D-IVLE c/n 2072)
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Arado Ar 197 V2

04/30/2014. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Designed to meet a requirement for a shipboard fighter for use from the carrier Graf Zeppelin, the all-metal Ar 197 appeared early in 1937. Derived from the Ar 68, it was Germany's last biplane fighter. The Ar 197 V1 (c/n 2071, registered D-ITSE) was powered by a Dairnler-Benz DB 600 twelve-cylinder liquid-cooled engine rated at 910 hp at 13,125 ft (4,000 m) and was not navalized. The pictured Ar 197 V2 differed primarily in having a BMW 132J nine-cylinder radial rated at 815 hp for take-off, an arrester hook and catapult spools.

Considered as the production prototype, the Ar 197 V3 (c/n 2073, D-IPCE, later coded TJ+HJ and GA+NO), had a BMW 132Dc rated at 880 hp for take-off, provision for a drop tank, and an armament of two 0.787 in (20 mm) MG FF cannon in the upper wing and two 0.311 in (7.9 mm) MG 17 machineguns in the nose. Provision was made for four 110 lb (50 kg) SC 50 bombs. Continuous delays in the construction of the carrier made the type obsolete, although at least three preproduction Ar 197 A-0 aircraft were built: C/n 3665 (D-IPCA, later TJ+HH), c/n 3666 (D-IEMX, later TJ+HG), c/n 3667 (D-IRHG, later TJ+HI). The following data relate to the Ar 197 V3.

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