No. 11768. Sznycer-Gottlieb SG-VI-D (CF-FGG-X c/n 5001-A) "Grey Gull"
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Sznycer-Gottlieb SG-VI-D

01/31/2013. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk : "Preliminary design of this three-seat helicopter was started at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, in 1943, by Bernard W. 'Szitz' Sznycer and Selma G. Gottlieb, who had teamed with Harold Pitcairn and Agnew Larsen. By 1945 Pitcairn and Larsen had left the team and in August 1945, Sznycer and Intercity Airlines of Montreal, Canada, signed a contract for the detailed design, testing and certification of a prototype, which would be built and marketed by a newly formed firm, the Canadian Helicopter Company.

However, that company never materialized, and the prototype was built by Engineering Products of Canada Ltd. of Montreal, a B.F. Goodrich subsidiary with no aviation experience. Unfortunately the prototype was built without the appropriate supervision on parts and workers, and concerned by the structural integrity, Sznycer convinced the management of Intercity Airlines to have a second prototype built, now with the proper supervision.

The SG-VI-D had an enclosed cabin and open tubular tail boom and was powered by an 178 hp Franklin GA-4-165-BGF engine positioned horizontally above the tail boom. This drove a four-blade main rotor with a complex control system. Registered CF-FGG-X and named Grey Gull, it first flew on July 9, 1947, and it gained its Type Certificate in February 1951, becoming the first Canadian and British Commonwealth helicopter to do so.

Subsequently the SG-VI-D was upgraded to become the SG-VI-E with a 200 hp Franklin 6A4-200-C6 engine, and later it went to New York, where it eventually was stored. Presently it is preserved at the Reynolds Alberta Museum, Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada."

Created January 31, 2013