No. 10260. Fokker 13 (X7283 c/n 1300)
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Fokker 13

12/31/2010. Like the American Fokker Model 8, the Model 13 was constructed for experimental purposes. The side-by-side two-seat parasol monoplane fitted with a wing similar to the F.11A wing is only documented by the shown photo and some data from the American aviation authorities. Registered X7283, the aircraft was flown at Teterboro, West Virginia in 1928.

Till 1932, it was subsequently fitted with an 80 hp Anzani six-cylinder radial, a 90 hp LeBlond 7D seven-cylinder, and a 90 hp Brownback C-400 Tiger 100 six-cylinder radial. Subsequently the aircraft was sold to A.K. Miller of Montclair, New Jersey. The man pictured walking under the starboard wing is Anthony Fokker.

Created December 31, 2010