No. 10044. Supermarine 525 (VX138) Royal Navy
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Supermarine 525

09/30/2010. This large twin-engined experimental aircraft represented an interim stage in the development of a supersonic, single-seat, carrier-based attack fighter for the RN. Developed directly from the Type 508 and Type 529, the Type 525 had 45 deg swept wings and tail surfaces. The wings were not foldable and had large ailerons, small plain flaps and gate-type speed brakes. The main undercarriage was fitted with large single wheels, which retracted into the fuselage belly.

The Type 525 was first flown on April 27, 1954, by which time three Type 544 pre-production examples had been ordered to Specification N.113D and series production aircraft (known as the Scimitar) to Specification N.113P. On July 5, 1955, the aircraft was lost, when it could not recover from a spin and crashed at Idmiston, near Salisbury. Its pilot, Lieutenant-Commander Anthony Rickell, who was flying the aircraft from the A&AEE at Boscombe Down, apparently operated his ejector seat in the last seconds before the crash and received fatal injuries.

Note the bullet fairing of the tail parachute which is attached to the tail plane and tilts with that surface, beneath the tail is a large tail bumper.

Created September 30, 2010