No. 8201. Instituto Aerotécnico I.Aé.22 "DL" (E.a.-701 c/n 728) Argentine Air Force
Photographed at Museo Nacional de Aeronautica, Morón, Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 2, 2007, by Mariano Arribillaga

Instituto Aerotécnico I.Aé.22

10/31/2008. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Derived from the North American NA-16 via the FMA 21, the I.Aé.22 was given a new wing and a retractable main landing gear. Fitted with a Wright Whirlwind the prototype first flew on May 17, 1944.

The pictured first pre-production aircraft was fitted with the Argentine designed 450 hp Instituto Aerotécnico I.Aé.16 "El Gaucho" nine-cylinder air-cooled radial (an exact copy of the Wright Whirlwind R-975) and about half of the 200 production aircraft were fitted with this engine, and were designated I.Aé.22 "DL" (Diente de León, Lion's Teeth). The rest were powered by the 475 hp Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah seven-cylinder air-cooled radial, and were designated I.Aé.22 "C"."

Created October 31, 2008