No. 7353. Ford 4-AT-B Tri-Motor (NC7582 c/n 4-AT-36) Compañía Nacional Cubana de Aviación
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Ford 4-AT-B Tri-Motor

01/31/2008. The following information is excerpted from the Davis-Monthan Aviation Field Register website.

Manufactured on August 8, 1929 the aircraft was powered by three 220 hp Wright J-5 nine-cylinder radials and was delivered to Maddux Air Lines (Los Angeles, California, USA) on August 25, 1928. It was sold to Transcontinental and Western Air (Wilmington, Delaware) on April 21, 1931, while it was sold to Pan American Aviation Supply (New York, New York) and leased to Compañía Nacional Cubana de Aviación. The registration was cancelled on November 15, 1934, the aircraft most likely being registered in Cuba.

Created January 31, 2008