No. 6799. Douglas DC-3-313 (N21784 c/n 2172) Capital Airlines "Rocky Mount"
Photographed by Richard Artus

ouglas DC-3-313

08/31/2007. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "This aircraft was delivered to Pennsylvania Central Airlines on December 7, 1939, registered as NC21784, named Rocky Mount and received the fleet number 217-B. Pennsylvania Central Airlines changed its name to Capital Airlines in April 1948, Capital Airlines was acquired by United Airlines in July 1961.

On July 25, 1961, the aircraft was sold to S.H. Dupont of Dupont Aero Finance Inc., registered as N142HD, and leased to Bahama Airways. On September 3, 1965, the aircraft was sold to Aerovias Quisqueyanas in the Dominican Republic, were it was registered as HI-117. It was destroyed in a crash on June 1, 1973."

Created August 31, 2007