No. 3389B. Cessna 337G Super Skymaster (N3048 c/n 33701470)
Photographed by Ron Scott

Cessna 337G Super Skymaster

04/01/2004. Remarks by Ron Scott: "This aircraft is painted in Royal Rhodesian AF (Lynx, 4 Squadron) colors. Along with five other privately owned O-2 aircraft, they have been flown in US airshows in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Florida for more than a decade now. The airshow routine is our "Vietnam Warbird Tribute" and it has been quite popular with the crowds. We use narration and "Rolling Stones" period music and almost always receive warm complements, especially from Vietnam veterans. The routine consists of formation work, "rocket runs", Coin/Fac exercises, etc. The aircraft utilize smoke systems for added visual effect as well."

Created April 1, 2004