No. 2133. Kinner B-2 Sportwing (NC14927 c/n 148)
Photograph from Trade-A-Plane, 1970s

Kinner B-2 Sportwing

Original photo caption:

Restored 1935 Kinner B-2 Sportwing -- Photo Courtesy of Myron Rupprecht.

02/06/2003. Remarks by Roger Sword: "This is a photo of an antique restored bya friend of mine way back when I lived in California, USA. I think he restored it about the late 1970s. His name was Myron Rupprecht and the aircraft is a 1935 Kinner B-2 Sportwing. The unique thing about this plane is that it's a side-by-side open cockpit. Not many were built. Myron didn't keep it very long after restoration and a few airshows. He went on to restore a Gypsy Moth. Myron lost his life in the crash of his Varieze in the late 1980s while giving a ride to a friend. This photo is (from) the front cover on an old issue of Trade-A-Plane."

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Created February 6, 2003