No. 11901. Avia 50 MP
From the Collection of Ginette Noël

Avia 50 MP

05/15/2013. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "In 1933 Frenchman Maurice Brochet developed the wreckage of an Avia XV-A glider into the MB 20 at his workshop at Neauphle-le-Château (20 mls, 32 km west of Paris). This single-seater high-wing motor glider had a new open cockpit fuselage faired into a beam of rectangular section supporting the tail. The 25 hp Poinsard flat-twin engine, driving a two-bladed propeller, was mounted directly above the wing pylon. The near rectangular wings were set in a slight dihedral; the skid landing gear was replaced by a wheeled gear with tail wheel.

Pierre Massenet, director of Avia (l'Association pour la valorisation de l'industrie aéronautique, Association for the promotion of the aviation industry) became aware of Brochet's project, and with the well-known glider designer Raymond Jarlaud they contacted Brochet and bought the yet unflown MB 20 on behalf of the Club Aéronautique Universitaire (CAU) at Toussus-le-Noble, just southwest of Paris. Agreed was the renaming of the motor glider to Avia 50 MP (Motor Planeur, motor glider), and possible series production by Brochet.

The type was first flown by France's No. 1 glider pilot Eric Nessler at Toussus-le-Noble on May 17, 1934. However, by August 4, the aircraft was written off at the Aérodrome d'Enghien-Moisselles, just north of Paris, being crashed by a German member of the CAU, and no further examples were produced.

Created May 15, 2013