No. 1165. Turner T-40 (N4692 c/n 120)
Photographed at Montague, California, USA, by Mike Samson

Turner T-40

01/09/2002. Remarks by owner Mike Samson: "The plane looks different compared to the original built by Glambocki in 1971. The sliding canopy is gone and in its place is a cut down RV-4 bubble so it is a open cockpit job now. It is not as cold as you might think. The cabin heat duct on the firewall works quite well. It has wheel fairings and is painted bright yellow with a dark stripe from the nose and cylinder bulge back to the tail.

It still has the Franklin 90. I flew the plane to Oshkosh back in 1995, it runs in cross country mode at about 145 or so. I have not flown it much in the past few years and I think it needs a good annual but otherwise it flies nice. In case you know of anyone who would like to own this plane, I would gladly sell it."

Created January 9, 2002